Hello, and welcome to Out of the Deep Blue (OOTDB). My name is Elijah Woolery, and I love design.  I have a background in photography and filmmaking, as well as product & industrial design. I’m the Director of Design for Hippo Education, on a mission to deliver the most modern, entertaining, and thoroughly awesome medical education to clinicians around the world. I trained in the Product Design program at Stanford University, where I now teach as a lecturer.

After working as a lead design engineer with Light & Motion, a vertically integrated manufacturer of consumer underwater video and photography equipment, I pursued graduate studies in marine biology at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. In a mad attempt to fuse my love of photography and the ocean, I co-founded the print magazine Wetpixel Quarterly in 2007 (the magazine is no longer in print, but the original site and forum Wetpixel lives on).

I also founded Out of the Deep Blue, a photography and design consultancy, where I work on web and mobile applications for clients like Genentech and Kaiser Permanente, in partnership with my brother’s company Appstem. As a life-long worshiper of the ocean, I love to surf, dive, and kayak. I live in the Bay Area with my wife, daughter, and medium-sized dog, Lewis.

I write about subjects ranging from underwater photography to entrepreneurship; if you’re interested in getting notified when I write a new post (about once a month), please sign up to my mailing list below.

A few of my posts and projects that you might be interested in:

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