At Out of the Deep Blue, I provide design and strategy services that help companies innovate, get more customers and increase their revenue. Our services include needfinding and user research, rapid prototyping, user interface and user experience design, visual design, branding, content marketing, and user acquisition.

I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and 2 person startups, and strive to bring not only a breadth and depth of experience, but a commitment to quality work, and a dose of humor, to all of our projects.

Our clients & colleagues say it much better than I can:



Aaron Bright, CEO

Hippo Education

“Eli was in charge of a significant visual and brand overhaul for us at Hippo Education.

“He worked closely with the whole team and integrated flawlessly and quickly. What he created was really beautiful. We were hoping to plug some gaping design holes as well as fine-tune things that were working “well enough” and Eli did a great job doing both of those things.

“The data on customer engagement with our sites improved a great deal and Eli helped a lot in figuring out how to use the data to continue making things better.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Eli was universally liked. I really enjoyed working with him on both a personal and business level.  We’re still reaping the benefits of his time here.”






Bruce Kirsch, CEO
Real Estate Financial Modeling

“Eli led the interface and experience design of our flagship web-based commercial real estate application, Valuate. In addition to creating an excellent framework for initial user research and providing insightful UI and UX expertise, he also designed our marketing website and managed our content marketing strategy.

“As a small company launching its first B2B SaaS application, we had realistic expectations for growth, and hoped to sign up our first 1,000 users within the first year.
“Thanks in large part to the thoughtful and elegant design of the application, as well as Eli’s help with our content marketing, we gained enough traction to set the stage for signing a contract with our first national enterprise client.
“Working with Eli was always a pleasure: he is conscientious and consistently meets deadlines, is a clear communicator, and brings a welcome sense of humor into work situations that are sometimes high-pressure and stressful. In short, I’d highly recommend bringing him on for your next project.”


Kyle Jax, Founder
Kick + Push

“Our goal working with Eli was to successfully launch an MVP that proved the K+P hypothesis and validated the demand we knew existed. Eli designed our UI and played a key role in developing our UX for our MVP.

“The design work and user experience strategy guidance was absolutely essential to Kick + Push’s initial success. Our goal was to prove our hypothesis on the market demand for Kick + Push and without Eli, it would have not been possible.

“Eli has transitioned to our advisory board and continues to provide essential guidance on our key decisions.

“Our hypothesis was proven and the market demand was validated due to the work Eli completed for us. Working with Eli was an absolute pleasure. His professionalism, eye for detail and passion for innovation is second to none.

“The Kick + Push beta is now live and would have never been possible without Eli’s help.”




Chris Couhalt
Founder & Serial Entrepreneur

“Eli is tenacious, highly intelligent, and a pure blood entrepreneur. I first met Eli at Innovation Endeavors (Eric Schmidt’s venture capital firm).

“I was an adviser to Innovation Endeavors and also the CEO of a portfolio company of Innovation Endeavors. Eli had founded a startup as part of Innovation Endeavor’s incubation project and I had followed his startup closely during the time we both used Innovation Endeavors as our office space.

Eli has solid experience from launching a number of entrepreneurial ventures over the years and I believe his most important quality is that he does not give up.

“He is very personable, easy to communicate with, hungry, and would be a strong co-founder with significant strength in customer discovery and product design.”




Photography & Filmmaking

Some photographers specialize, but I find inspiration in working for a variety of clients that all have one need: to create visual impact that differentiates them from the competition, and highlights the quality of their product and brand. Past projects have included work with Michelin-star restaurants, fashion magazines, hardware startups and retail consulting firms.



Lisa Falzone, CEO

Revel Systems

“The works of art that Elijah Woolery produces are amongst the most astounding and distinct photographs that I have seen. His photographs are reflective of his true talent and passion for his job.

“Eli is both wise and detail-oriented, two qualities that set him apart from others.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Elijah and know that he will be successful no matter the industry that he chooses to work with.”





Zach Augustine, Global Creative Director


“In the impeccable fashion of Stieglitz, Edward Weston and The New York School…Eli delivers moments in time that are rich in visual landscape.

“His images are timeless and sophisticated. He wraps his talent in a distinct and current knowledge of environmental culture and community.”



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